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"Our first experience with Amanda was excellent. She came to a location that was special to us and did an outdoor family session. The temperatures were low, the kids were cranky, and yet we still received some amazing shots. We are looking forward to booking more sessions with Amanda in the coming years."




"My first photography experience with Amanda was newborn shots of my son. She seemed so at ease working with such a small infant and was very patient with his feeding needs. We have done two family sessions with her which were both equally amazing."



"I have worked with Amanda Field Photography since my twins were born. Amanda has been extremely accommodating with our schedules, and has come to our house to photograph the boys where they are most comfortable. She has been very patient, always getting just the right shot, even when the kids have been challenging. The photos have been spectacular (even making our sometimes crabby babies look like little angels) and the turn-around time was very quick. I have been nothing but thrilled with every image and we will continue to use Amanda for years to come."




“Amanda is wonderful! She was fun, patient, and made us feel at ease all while being willing to roll around in the mud to get a great shot! Ha the pictures are amazing...can't say enough about her or her work!”




“Amanda did a great job at my wedding even when I freaked out! She is the greatest!! Thank you for such beautiful pictures!!”




“Simply. The. Best. We <3 that we found our new family photographer!”




“Amanda does an amazing job! She is so patient and it is easy to tell she loves what she does! I was also impressed by how good she was with my daughter during her newborn session. My daughter started to get upset and Amanda knew just what to do to calm her down again! I highly recommend her!”




"When you get married, you have to deal with caterers, florists, cake providers, alcohol providers, seamstresses, etc. (on top of trying to make all the family happy), so you definitely want a photographer who cares about more than the paycheck. Amanda gave us that caring presence, along with the professional service we needed her to provide. She even stayed at the reception after we told her she'd done her part and could go ahead home, because she wanted to make sure we didn't miss a moment. The icing on the cake is that our photos were top-notch and her rate is extremely fair."




“I am a mother of three. My house is ALWAYS a disaster. Amanda doesn't even blink an eye. (Probably because she has two sons of her own and already knows this) All we do is move a few things out of the way to make room for her props. Looking at our pictures she had taken you would never know just three feet away is a pile of coloring books, Barbie dolls and who knows what else. I love looking at our pictures knowing those were taken at our home. They make them that much more special. Amanda is so amazing with kids too. My oldest is soooo shy. At first she was very bashful around Amanda and now she asks when she can see her again...probably because if the treasure box she brings. She makes her laugh before pictures even begin. I would never use another photographer!”